Adidas RX 2000 Light
Adidas RX 2000 Light
Adidas RX 2000 Light


Adidas RX 2000 Light

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Improve your level of play with the new RX 2000 Light blue and black padel racket from Adidas Padel 2023, part of the intermediate series. This racquet offers the best balance of power, control and maneuverability thanks to its lighter weight, weighing approximately between 350 - 360 grams , making it ideal for girls and boys.

The construction of the racket with more flexible materials allows you to enjoy a soft and comfortable touch. Combined with aircraft fiberglass, it offers great playability on the court, thanks to its drop-shaped format that offers control and its medium balance that offers extra power in the shots.

The RX 2000 Light racket from Adidas Padel 2023 is equipped with several high quality features, including structural reinforcement technology to prevent twisting, soft performance EVA rubber that provides a very comfortable touch, and a new drilling pattern that enlarges the striking surface.

This racquet is designed for intermediate level players looking for a balanced and lightweight racquet. It is ideal for playing your best game from any area of ​​the court.

You will love this Adidas padel racket because of its excellent value for money. It offers exceptional sensations on the court without having to spend a fortune.


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