Black Crown Hurricane
Black Crown Hurricane
Black Crown Hurricane

Black Crown

Black Crown Hurricane

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The Hurricane is a padel racket model developed in collaboration with player Marta Marrero . Its round shape and neutral balance, combined with a soft WHITE EVA foam, make it very maneuverable and suitable for any style of player.

The surface of the racket is covered with three layers of reinforced fiberglass, which makes it more durable. In addition, it has a very wide sweetspot , which makes it easy to hit from all positions. The Hurricane is ideal for players who like soft racquets and want good control , while needing a bit of power.

The padel racket uses several advanced technologies, such as 2TB air and Low density Piton glass. The 2TB air is a double tubular frame made from 80% carbon fiber. This technology allows the forces to be distributed for greater homogeneity in the strike zone. As for the Low density Piton glass, it consists of two layers of fiberglass placed before the carbon, which gives the racket increased resistance and durability.

Finally, the Hurricane uses the soft rubber White Eva. This material offers better vibration absorption and good racquet control.


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