Black Crown Hurricane 2.0
Black Crown Hurricane 2.0
Black Crown Hurricane 2.0

Black Crown

Black Crown Hurricane 2.0

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The Black Crown Hurricane 2.0 padel racket is specially designed for intermediate to advanced level padel players. Its round shape ensures better handling and optimal control of the ball.

This racket is also equipped with a carbon reinforcement system which gives it great resistance to shocks. Its major asset is its particular shape which allows players to put both hands on the handle during backhand shots.

In terms of weight, the Hurricane 2.0 is in the middle of padel rackets, with a weight ranging from 360 to 370 grams. This weight is light enough to ensure excellent maneuverability , while allowing players to produce powerful shots.

The coating of the Hurricane 2.0 has been designed to offer maximum comfort and optimum grip. Soft to the touch, it ensures a comfortable grip even during long gaming sessions.

Black Crown is a Spanish company specialized in the production of padel rackets. The Hurricane 2.0 is one of its flagship products, among several other models offered


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